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802 Realty Staff


Owner, Mr. Joshua Merrill

In 2009, Josh Merrill started to establish a Real Estate LLC. Josh has been working diligently to create 802 Realty. A more modern Real Estate business that has the expert knowledge in all aspects of Real Estate.

Josh Merrill understands that the Real Estate business is much more than selling homes. Josh has established a Real Estate business model that is highly effective and profitable.


Office Manager, Gail Abel


We Are Looking For Real Estate Agents

802 Realty is looking for an experienced agent or broker to lead our sales department. Great potential for growth with full time admin. support. Flexible work schedule. This is a commission-based position with lucrative split.

Please respond with cover letter and resume to: Josh@802Realty.com

Mission Statement

802 REALTY LLC. has been a company in the making for many years. Our past experience with real estate agents, that do not listen to what the customers are looking for, has motivated us to gain knowledge and learn the Real Estate Industry for ourselves.

With 20 years of experience, it became clear that we already knew more than most Real Estate Agents when it comes to buying, selling, remodeling, maintaining, and investing in properties. After realizing the wide variety of expertise that we could offer we made the natural transition of certifying our office and becoming licensed brokers. Now we are offering our services, to other investors as well as those who buy, sell, and rent properties, by facilitating these deals.

We have re-branded our construction business to handle all aspects of property management that may be necessary or desired. We are working diligently to create a team that will change our region's Real Estate industry forever.

Our main focus is having experts that specialize in all areas of Real Estate. We have diverse teams proficient in both, or the singular, categories and subcategories of buying or selling homes, as well as the purchase, sale and development of land. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff will ensure that we are able to assist with all of your specific needs.

We are much more than your average real estate company. We listen and understand your needs. We will develop a course of action, and implement the procedures, to make your dreams come true. We strive to be the best and mediocrity is unacceptable.

If you are happy with 802 Realty LLC., then please tell others. If you are not happy with 802 Realty LLC., then please tell us.

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